Fei Po’s Phat Picks – #YYC’s Best Restaurants

Wondering where to eat in Calgary? It just so happens I made a list of my favourite places in the city.

Flavour Flav of the Month
Gorilla Whale
Chicken thigh and halloumi skewers, karrage burger, Gorilla Whale Ginger beer).


Alternative Asian Dining
Foreign Concept
Foie gras & pork belly baos, Scotch egg, imperial rolls.

Burgers and Beers
National Westhills
Daily happy hour beers & oysters between 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Clive burger with tater tots or Caesar salad. On Thursdays, you can get a Clive burger, side and a 14 ounce beer for $17.00.

Klein/Harris Restaurant
$16 lunch special, mushroom ravioli, cocktails.

Chong Fat
Shrimp stuffed tofu, peppers and eggplant, salted fish and chicken fried rice, beef chow fun. Cash only.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.49.07 PM

Ho Won
Salt & pepper squid, pea tips, dumplings, and ginger beef. I would only recommend those dishes.

Deli/Cheese Shop
Peasant Cheese
Duck pate, duck eggs, cheeses, charcuterie, and freshly baked breads.


Date Night

Dim Sum
Chuen May Food Products
Homemade frozen dim sum. Cash only.
Sticky rice, beef brisket, pork belly with taro, pork and vegetable spring rolls, and Shanghai dumplings.

Brasserie Kensington

Cotto Italian Comfort
Get anything with tomatoes in it.


Sukiyaki House

Japanese Funky Comfort Food
Redheads Bagel Cafe
Katsu curry, hamburg, chicken karrage, and ramen.


Q Haute Cuisine
$20 two-course lunch


Pizza (traditional)
Azzurri Pizzeria

Bow Tie Pizza
(Vegan Pizza)

Rooftop patio.

Ramen Ichinen

Lunch + Special Occasion
Workshop Kitchen and Culture

Khao San Thai Kitchen
Cashew chicken, red, yellow and green curries, tom kha gai, and coconut ice-cream.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.19.54 PM

Pure Contemporary Vietnamese + Bar
Kimchi fried rice, pho, crab and shrimp fried rice, chai sui bao, and chicken wings.

Song Huong
Bun bo hue and spring rolls.

The Submarine
Sate Beef and Chicken Sub.

Wine Bar
Bar Von del Fels

Pure Contemporary Vietnamese + Bar (all-you-can-eat wings on Wednesdays)

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