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My husband and I dine at Redheads every week. Recently, Redheads started to offer Japanese tapas. We've only gotten through half the menu. What I like about the tapas menu is we can try so many different items but not feel stuffed. The mini seaweed ($2.50) was a generous quantity for the price. I like… Continue reading Redheads

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Fusion Sushi – All-you-can-eat

For our upcoming Japan trip, L and I are going with about 25 other travellers. A bunch of them invited L out for dinner. Most of the travellers are students and they picked an all-you-can-eat venue in Kensington called Fusion Sushi, which is not be confused with another Fusion Sushi restaurant about two blocks away,… Continue reading Fusion Sushi – All-you-can-eat

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Goro and Gun -Happy Hour

I think one of the best bloggers, vegan bakery chefs, and photographers in Calgary is Jomama, aka Jomar of @jomamaeats. I like his photography style - his photos are clean, simple and elegant. After viewing his website,  I realized how terrible my own site looks in comparison. I contacted him and asked if I could treat him to a… Continue reading Goro and Gun -Happy Hour

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Seafood Lunch at Market on Macleod

L prefers Market on Macleod (formerly Kingsland Market) because its quieter and more peaceful to shop around than Calgary's Farmers Market and Crossroads. Market on Macleod has become my favourite too, mostly because Billingsgate Market recently opened up and they sell freshly shucked oysters. Besides oysters, I can also get steamed mussels and hot chowder.… Continue reading Seafood Lunch at Market on Macleod