Fei Po


I moved from my hometown Vancouver to pursue my master’s degree at the University of Calgary. I fell in love with the city as well as a native Calgarian, and after graduating decided to make Calgary my new home.

To celebrate the completion of my studies, I treated my family and friends to dinner at Anju Restaurant & Eecha Lounge. The food and overall experience was so wonderful, I was inspired to start a blog documenting my experiences eating at my favourite restaurants.

I enjoy going out to eat and I like writing about food. All of my favourite childhood memories are of dining out with my father, who I credit for nurturing my love of food, as well as encouraging me to continuously work on improving my writing skills.

Food Experience

My food related experiences include writing for a Calgary food and wine magazine, Culinaire; the Simon Fraser University newspaper, The Peak; reviews for a Vancouver-based website; and a travel article for the Vancouver Sun. However, I have zero restaurant experience or culinary training. Nor do I claim to have extensive knowledge about the industry, food or the culinary arts.

Blogging Philosophy

Each blogger has their own unique approach to writing about restaurants. It is my preference to focus more on the positive than the negative. I dislike bashing a restaurant without due cause, as I realize how posts can unjustly harm a restaurant’s business.

As the taste of food is subjective, I believe that in order to give a qualified critique of food, that person should have either education in the culinary arts or experience working in a restaurant kitchen. Therefore, my posts are merely writings about my personal experience dining at a particular restaurant.

Full disclosure. My husband L pays for most of my meals. Please note that all my posts (unless otherwise clearly noted) are not sponsored by any restaurant. Therefore my blog is 100% my opinion and legit unless I’m talking about L.


If you are a chef or restaurant owner and have any corrections, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me.

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!



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