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Vic’s Hong Kong Style BBQ Cafe

My buddy Office Dad told me the owner of Vic’s HK hired David Lo, a chef from Vancouver. According to Office Dad, it’s hard to convince a chef to move from Vancouver to Calgary. There isn’t much of an Asian community in Calgary compared to Vancouver and the weather is too cold for many expats. For this post I’m going to play Paper Planes by M.I.A. because this song came out about the time I moved to Calgary and I’m trying to relate to Chef Lo.

Since Chef Lo was hired, Office Dad and I have been eating at Vic’s about once a week. Most recently, we took Richie Rich and Ayecaramba for lunch. Office Dad knows the owner and managers well. He’ll give them a budget and the staff will create us a meal.

Office Dad ordered us sweet ice tea with lemon. You have to use the metal spoon to crush up all the lemon slices before you drink it. Office Dad said the lemon will make our skin silky smooth. I told him he sounded like a superstitious paw paw (Chinese grandmother).

I always look forward to the complimentary herbal soup, which contains bits of pork meat, vegetables and Chinese herbs. This is another dish that your paw paw will tell you is good for you and will make you beautiful. Ah – if only it were that easy.

The BBQ meats are pretty good at Vic’s. Since there was a fire at Sun’s BBQ on Centre Street, Vic’s has become my go-to place for duck, roasted pork and char siu. The char siu (BBQ pork) was super tender and flavourful. I liked that there was a subtle sweetness to the pork versus the harsher sweet finishes at other stores. The duck was meaty, though a bit bland and oily.

The fried fish rice was tasty. I liked the addition of asparagus and bits of peas, carrots and cabbage. The fish was pungent and salty. I enjoyed it but it’s not for everyone (i.e. “westerners”).

Chow fun with egg sauce is an ugly but delicious dish. Normally this dish is served with shrimp but Office Dad wanted to change things up. I prefer shrimp over beef, but the Calgarians I was with enjoyed the this version only because they love beef. The noodles exhibited a delicious smokey flavour from the proper wok technique. The soup, drinks, fried rice and noodles only cost us about $40!

In past visits, Office Dad has ordered won ton and the pineapple fried rice. The won ton was a good size and the pork filling was tender. I prefer a bit of vegetables like mushrooms or ginger in it, but there was nothing wrong with this simple version. The broth was good – hot with fishy notes.

Office Dad raves about the pineapple rice with dried pork. This dish is tasty – though the fuzzy pieces of dried pork aren’t for everyone. My grandmother would put that stuff on everything – so I’m use to it. I like Vic’s. Service is good and the food is tasty. Some dishes are better than others – I’d recommend any of the noodle dishes, BBQ meats with rice, and the white noodles with shrimp and egg sauce.

Vic's Hong Kong Style BBQ & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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