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Newcastle Pub

My husband and I use to frequently visit the Newcastle Pub for the fish and chips and wings on Wednesday. We haven’t been in a while because I’m trying to shed some extra baggage that came back with me from Japan. However, on Thursday night, my father-in-law Bobbino was hankering for a visit to our local pub. He use to live with us for a short time and got to know the staff at Newcastle quite well.

Newcastle plays mostly rock music from the 90’s. I don’t recognize the songs nor do I care enough to find out who is the artist. Newcastle doesn’t play country music, but for this post I’m going to play Blue Rodeo because my in-laws dig country music. This is for you Bobbino.

Blue Buck beer is now served on tap! The night we went, the tap wasn’t working properly. The bartender managed to pull two pints, but the tap stopped functioning for my sleeve. Instead, I opted for a bottle of Velvet Fog, a beer I use to drink when I first moved to Calgary. Our server gave me a glass and a juicy orange wedge.


L and Bobbino ordered the Steak Sandwich ($13.99) with fries. Both enjoyed the steaks and said the size was perfect. They were comfortably full but not stuffed. The mushrooms were delectable – thinly sliced and buttery.

steak and fries.jpg

I ordered the Reuben Sandwich ($14) and for my side, I upgraded to a French onion soup ($4). The size of my bowl was huge. The temperature of the broth was so hot, I had to wait several minutes for it to cool down. My soup remained hot to the last drop. The both was flavourful and there was lots of cheese and sautéed onions. This soup is going to be my go-to dish at the Newcastle.


The sandwich was delicious. The corn beef was warm and juicy, topped with Gruyère cheese and grilled sauerkraut. With the grilled marbled rye bread, it reminded me of a gourmet cheese sandwich from Cheesy Bizness.

close reuban.jpg

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the excellent operations management of the ever-present manager. I always see him around greeting regulars and when it gets busy, helping the servers bring out food. The servers always provide good customer service; and some of them provide excellent service (e.g. the BC expat with East Coast vibe). Fei Po gives Newcastle Pub two fat thumbs up, and makes it on my list of favourite restaurants in Calgary.

Newcastle Pub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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