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Preplanning – Tokyo Bars

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My husband and I are spending the majority of our time in Tokyo. At his request, I found some bars to visit. The more I look at reviews the more I see that there are some traditional restaurants and bars that do not want tourists. I use to work on Robson Street in Vancouver and I found it difficult. Customers were always ordering the wrong thing and would get upset when I gave them what they ordered. It would also take at least three times as long to help tourists, as I’d have to figure out how to communicate. This was before iPhone apps.

Here’s my list:

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Tourist friendly, good prices and I love the glow-in-the-dark straws at Bar Candy Shinjuku or キャンディー. Bar Candy is an underground pub with loud tunes and super friendly owners and bartenders.

For a pint, we’ll check out Vivo! Beer + Dining Bar, which is three minutes from Ikebukuro Station. The beers aren’t cheap at $13 (CAD) but Vivo has a lot of international beers and local Japanese beers on tap. This basement pub is small and a little hard to find in Ikeburkuro.

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For the students we are travelling with, I’d recommend Hub Ikebukuro Nishiiguchi ハブ, for its friendly staff and cheap happy hour prices. It’s a popular spot for foreigners looking for a bit of home in the likes of Guinness, fish and chips and western grub.

Craftheads クラフトヘッズ looks like a great spot for a smoke free pub and Japanese craft beers. You’ll find high alcohol content IPAs, ales and pizza.

I know my husband would like Goodbeer Faucets グッドビアファウセッツ, located on the 2nd floor above Family Mart next to Tokyu Honten.
There is a great selection of local craft beer on tap, happy hour and pulled pork.
Of course, I’m going to look for places that aren’t on Tripadvisor and Yelp. However, to get started, these bars and pubs will do.

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