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My buddy Asian Persuasion is a friend of the owners of Po-ke. She went to a private opening for friends and family and told me that the poke, hotdogs with poke and the sushi burritos were awesome. She mentioned that the size of a regular was way too much for her to eat.

I convinced L to join me on a rainy Sunday afternoon. There’s street parking and Po-ke has parking spots for their customers. Two weeks ago, the line-up was around the block. Thankfully, when we arrived at 2:00 p.m., we waited only about six minutes from start to finish.

L ordered the Poke Special ($13.95), which contains Po-ke’s special ahi tuna, salmon tossed with Po-ke signature sauce, seaweed salad, avocado, mandarin orange slices, masago, sesame seeds, shredded nori, then drizzled with unagi sauce.

L loved each bite. He wished there was more rice and less sauce, but he said the flavour was delicious. I took a bite and I thought his bowl tasted was better than mine, though I didn’t like the sweetness of the sauce.

I ordered a build-your-own poke ($12.95). I picked salmon, spicy tuna, cucumber, sweet red onions, green onions, edamame beans, carrots, lettuce, crab salad, tamago, red cabbage, seaweed salad, spicy masago aioli, nori, masago, bonito flakes, and po-ke signature sauce. I think I added way too many ingredients. Next time, I’d skip the beans, lettuce and green onions and add more sauce.

The salmon and tuna tasted fresh and the portions of all the toppings were generous. I received more rice than L and much less sauce. I don’t know if it’s because he ordered a signature bowl or that I did build-your-own that the proportions of each of our bowl were different. Despite the fact I received way more rice, we both got a lot of fish. We were both uncomfortably full after eating a regular bowl. In future visits, we will ask for half rice half spinach.

Compared to Kona Poke, Po-ke offers more selection and gives bigger scoops of fish and toppings. The service at Kona is more efficient and professional. I think Kona’s a good option for the office crowd watching their weight. Po-ke is great place for me to be the glutton that I am.

I plan to visit Po-ke as frequently as I can. I want to try the sushi burritos and the entire range of signature bowls. This gem makes it on my list of favourite restaurants in Calgary. Fei Po gives Po-ke two fat thumbs up.

Po-ke Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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