Ichi Rock – Ramenania

I first heard about Ichi Rock through Karen’s post on Zomato. Then I saw Ichi Rock post a promotion on Instagram. On Friday, my buddy Asian Persuasion told me she’s gone twice before and she was heading over for lunch that day. I was saving myself for Saturday but figured since my boss Tread Lightly wasn’t at work that I could enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 6.59.54 PM.png

Ichi Rock was busy. Asian Persuasion said the restaurant was always quiet before so I guess word has gotten out. We sat at the high table. The chair groaned and creaked under my weight. The new boy in our office, Dick,  came along, as did What’s Up Hamsup and his girlfriend Patience. Asian Persuasion’s favourite picks are the Tonkatsu Black and Jiro. I opted for the Jiro Spicy ($14).


The regular size bowl is plenty of food. For those with a really big appetite, you can opt for large and extra-large sizes. I also spied a vegetarian choice – Wild Mushroom Ramen – made with a vegetarian broth.


The Japanese jiro style tonkotsu consists of pan-fried braised cha-shu pork belly, cabbage, corn and bean sprouts, green onion, butter, tempura onion and carrot bits. The broth was steaming hot, something that Jinya lacked on my previous visits.

My bowl contained several pieces of pork belly that melted in my mouth. Eat the pork early on while the broth is hot. When the soup cools off, the pork doesn’t taste as good. I took Asian Persuasion’s advice and put the tempura bits aside in a bowl so that it remained crispy. Genius move girl!

The wavy noodles were firm and chewy. The corn tasted like it was fresh, sweet and crunchy. The egg, one of my favourite parts of the ramen experience was the only less than stellar ingredient. My egg was cooked so that it was more hard-boiled. The yolk also lacked that rich flavour that I get from farm fresh eggs.


We received complimentary pear sorbet thanks to Asian Persuasion. She got to know the owners because she’s here so often. I enjoyed my ramen so much I started humming Beethoven Ode to Joy  movement and called it Ode to Choi. I joked that we should make a video of us eating ramen and stealing on the theme of the movie Rings, call the people who watched the video whisper sinisterly, “In seven days, you will eat Ichi Rock!”

The owner and staff here are very sweet. I told them that their ramen was far superior than a new crazy busy ramen shop that just opened up in Mission. I got a modest thank you and a big smile.

The ramen was so good that I made reservations for the next day.  Famished Feline – you have to check this place out during the weekend for the promotion. Take a screenshot of Ichi Rock promotion and post it on your Facebook page and show them when you order to get the second ramen for 50% off and two pieces of gyoza. I think this is one place that you’ll love.


Ichi Rock Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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