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Mamak Dang Malaysian Fusion Cuisine Downtown Location

For years, Office Dad has been bugging me to try Mamak Dang Malaysian Fusion, but it’s located way out in NE. Imagine my delight when I learned that a second location  opened up by my office (aka cubicle).


Office Dad is friends with quite a few restaurant owners/chefs in Calgary. He always tells them that I’m a food blogger even though I’ve told him not to do that. It’s uncomfortable when the people cooking the food think you’re going to write about it and I feel like he’s pimping me out. I know he still tells them but in Chinese, as he thinks I won’t understand. I do. Sometimes he reminds me of my mom.


Office Dad ordered the Roti with Curry Sauce ($5.99) and the Special Assorted Laksa Noodle Soup ($12.49). I’ve only tried Malaysian food a handful of times at food courts and I never took to it. I was informed that the food here is more of a fusion style of Malaysian cuisine.


The broth was creamy and spicy, with deep heat. Office Dad and I would both take turns sneezing, coughing and wheezing. He said this is the type of soup you need to drink when you’re sick, as it would clear out your sinuses. I thought it was odd that lettuce is added to the soup, but I like the crunchiness and texture it gives to the soup.


Mamak didn’t skimp with the ingredients.  The bowl was filled with shrimp, fish cake, pork, beef and fish balls. The noodles were slippery and chewy. I like the fish cake the most, it was sweet and silky.


The two pieces of roti came out blisteringly hot. The roti was thin and crispy and it flaked apart when you tore into the bread. Office Dad looked annoyed when I commented I prefered using the laksa broth over the curry sauce. He briefly glanced up from his meal and muttered, “It’s different. Doesn’t mean one is better than the other.” Excuse me Office Dad for having an opinion.

For the bowl of laksa and roti, Office Dad’s meal came up to around $20.00. Until February 10th, if you dine in you get 10% or 20% if you order take-out. Noodle bowls range from around $10-$12.50 and appetizers/roti range from $3.99 to $9.99. Besides laksa and roti, you can get dried noodles, house noodle soups, Thai and Malay noodle soups, rice combos (rendang beef/chicken curry) and nasi lemak.

Mamak Dang Malaysian Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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