The Meal Tree

The VP of Community Engagement at The Meal Tree, Landon Kennedy, contacted me and asked if I would like a complimentary meal delivered to my home. Hell yeah! On a -20 Sunday night, a vegetarian dish of Pesto Squash was dropped off at my house.


You can see how cold it was outside from the container. I had to leave immediately after Landon brought my dish,  as I had plans to watch the Walking Dead mid-season finale. So on Monday night, I took my meal out of the fridge to eat for dinner.

If you really care about what you eat, you’ll love the nutritional information posted on each container. When do you have to eat this by? How many calories, carbs, protein and fat are in it? Well, I just happen to know the answers.


I’m suppose to eat this by December 15, 2016. Ingredients include; winter squash, tomato, bell pepper, almonds, spinach, pesto pine nuts, and lemon. Calories: 444, Carbs (g) 41, Protein (g) (12), and Fat (g) 29.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting me, you’ll know I don’t care about nutrition or calories. At least, not enough to make me eat healthier. I care about taste and price. This dish was killer good.

I can honestly say that I was surprised that I really enjoyed the pesto squash because it was vegetarian and healthy. I also forgot to read the instructions which said to heat up the food, so I ate it cold, straight from the fridge.

The pesto squash so packed with flavour. The squash was light and refreshing. The almonds, yellow and red peppers added a crunchy element. I loved the rich creamy pesto taste, which was in every bite. I felt full and totally satisfied.

What I liked about this meal was the combination and ingredients isn’t something I would normally prepare at home for myself. In January, after I finish with this deliciously gluttonous month of champagne, late night drunk eating, and a week of tequila and tacos in Cabos, I will have to clean up my act.  I plan to order some meals from The Meal Tree. For your first week, new customers can get 10% off. For one week of meals, prices start at $82.00. Check it out. Fei Po gives The Meal Tree two fat thumbs up.


The Meal Tree Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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