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Mill Street Brewery

I love the new Mill Street Brewery on 17th Ave, located at the old Republic Club spot. L and I were warmly greeted by a hostess and ushered into a quiet corner nook section. I dig the high energy vibe. The clientele looked to be in mostly between 20s-40s range.  The playlist was fun.  I could hear other customers squeal in pleasant surprise as Mase, Michael Jackson and Simon & Garfunkel came up.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 9.01.22 PM.png

We started off with a sampler tray of beer ($11). There’s a huge selection of beers to try. The 5 ounce glasses were numbered on the tray and we were given a sheet that described each one we ordered. My favourite beers were: 100th Meridan; West Coast IPA; Honest Bucker Pale Ale; Twin Tips Double IPA; and Snow Day White IPA. In my humble opinion, I think the beers, atmosphere and food at Mill Street Pub are superior than Trolley Five Restaurant & Brewery, Last Best Brewing & Distillery, and Wildrose Brewery.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 9.01.36 PM.png

L and I were only going to order the House Cut Fries with garlic aioli  ($8) and then head to another destination for dinner. However, the hot crispy fries were good so we decided to stay for dinner. Plus, I was getting a little tipsy from all the drinks.


We ordered two dishes: Gouda Cheese Perogies ($13 half order, $19 full order) and Venison Reuben with Fries ($18). L preferred the reuben and my favourite dish was the perogies.


The half order consisted of three super sized perogies. The dumplings were soft, doughy (in a good way) and required minimal chewing. The gouda filling was gooey. The spicy garlic sausage was sliced thin and crunchy. The caramelized onions were  sweet and tender. I really liked the addition of the pork belly bits. Mill Street’s perogies were the best I’ve tried anywhere.


L enjoyed the Venison Rueben ($18). The venison tasted just like Montreal smoked meat. The sauerkraut and melty oka cheese were a nice addition. The rye bread tasted like it was deep-fried. The side of coleslaw and pickles were fresh.  L said the fries were too salty. I thought the fries were nicely salted. It was the quantity that he ate that was the problem.


I really enjoyed dishes I sampled. This is refine pub food. The prices may seem more than other pubs,  but I think the quality and portion size makes it absolutely worth it. Next time I’m in, I want to try the short rib mac and cheese ($23) and the perogies (again).


For two sets of flights, an appy, and two main dishes, our bill came up to about $60 bucks. I think that’s a reasonable amount for all that food, booze and good vibes. Fei Po gives Mill Street Brew Pub two fat thumbs up.

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