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Shangri-La Palace Restaurant

Office Dad, Ms. Biz, Wendy and I met up for lunch at Shangri-La Palace Restaurant. Office Dad wanted to eat there as Asian Persuasion told us she really enjoyed the $13.99 all-you-can-eat buffet. Apparently, Shangri-La Palace has three chefs that specialized in Chinese, Indian and Malaysian food.


I didn’t have much interest in eating anything but Chinese food. Office Dad tried some of the Indian and Malaysian curries and he enjoyed it. I focused on dim sum, soup and noodles. There is a large selection of food to choose from. Food is brought out frequently in small batches, so everything was served hot.


Soy sauce, Singapore  and the Shanghai chow mein were all tasty. Not in the same league as Chong Fat or Lucky Place (which changed owners and is no longer open for lunch). However, given this is an economically priced buffet, it was good enough.


The dim sum offered on the weekdays consists of deep-fried sesame balls, spring rolls, steamed BBQ buns, sui mai and how gow. The steamed dumplings sat empty most of the time because they are the most popular dishes.

dim sum.jpg

I waited at the buffet for the sui mai and how gow to come up. A bunch of Chinese seniors ran up as the dumplings came up and butted in line in front of me. I let two seniors cut in front of me before I grabbed some tongs and took some for myself. I can’t wait until I’m a senior and I can pull off crap like that. This whole respecting elders thing gets trying when I’m hungry. Luckily my parents don’t read my blog. They would be so ashamed of me right now.


Ms. Biz enjoyed the sesame balls. She taught me never to get these balls cut, as it squishes the dough. You are supposed to tear it apart and marvel at the thinness of the dough and the section where the layer gets thicker. I really enjoyed this pastry.  FYI – there is no filling inside.


I tried this Malaysian soup and thought it lacked flavour. I ended up wasting the entire bowl because I didn’t like it. Office Dad enjoyed his dish, so perhaps it was just me.

Fried chicken.jpg

The fried chicken could have used some salt or seasoning. However, the size of the drums were large. The salt and pepper squid was a winner. The squid was tender and the batter light.

sweet and sour.jpg

I enjoyed the hot and sour soup. Nice balance of sour and spice, and I liked the medley of tofu, carrots, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. The soup was labelled sweet and sour but I think it might have been an error.


The food was a solid 3.5 out of 5, but the service was a 5. The owners and staff were courteous and encouraged us to try everything. Plates were taken away and tea was refilled promptly. $13.99 for such a selection is a deal. If you like to try a lot of dishes and need to get in and out quickly, I would recommend Shangri-La Palace. Thanks Office Dad for lunch. My treat next time.

office dad.jpg


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