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Full Circle – Fun for the entire family!



It was one of those days again. I came home and really wanted to go out. My in-laws Bobbino and Momma G told me to pick a restaurant. I knew where I wanted to go. Again. Full Circle Pizza and Oyster Bar!


Just a week prior, L and I were at Full Circle eating the Pea Ti Pi ($18). L was hesitant to eat a pizza with peas, but our favourite server Steven told us the flavours worked. The peas and pea puree gave the pie a sweet pop to it. The ham had just the right amount of saltiness to it, satisfying the carnivore in my husband. The gorgonzola cheese gave it creamy kick that it needed.


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.33.59 AM.png

We also ordered Mussels ($16) with the Triple-Cooked Fries ($7) and a few oysters for myself ($3 each). The mussels were cooked perfectly and the spicy fennel tomato broth was so good, I didn’t use the chorizo aioli for my fries. The Shugi oysters were well-priced at $3.00. The only thing I personally didn’t care for was the smoked flavour of the bread that came with the mussels.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.39.55 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.39.45 PM.png

This time around, my family and I arrived on a Monday, which happen to be oyster night. Bobbino and I devoured two dozen oysters ($24), both east and west coast varieties. I wasn’t expecting the oysters to be so good for only a buck. Most buck an oyster places in Calgary taste like a quarter. Not here. I found out from the owner that they use the regular oysters and don’t make any money off the special. Bobbino and I made good use of the assortment of condiments, including a grapefruit and miso-based jelly.


To ensure Momma G that would please her Saskatchewan stomach, I ordered the Beet Salad ($8), Roasted Brussel Sprouts ($10), Fried Fior Di Latte ($11), and the 3.14 Day Beef Pi ($19).


The 3.14 pizza was enjoyed by all. The braised beef was juicy and the mushroom morsels were meaty, not the button variety. The crust was cracker thin and bendy, so I could fold the slice over and eat it like a sandwich.


The beet salad was refreshing and well-priced. The goat cheese and slices of orange and grapefruit went well with the sweetness of the different coloured beets. I would order this again and I don’t like vegetables. However, my Chinese horoscope for 2016 says I better or else.


L requested the fried cheese again. Just like the last time we ordered it, the cheese was subtle and soft, contrasting with the strips of crispy bacon and crunchy, well-seasoned coating. We will likely order this again in our next visit.


Momma G raved about the brussel sprouts. Flavourful, not overcooked and made better with bacon. The crowing glory for Momma G was speaking to one of the owners, a prairie girl herself. My in-laws quizzed her on possible people they would know and indeed, they know someone who knows her mother. Small world.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.40.04 PM

Honestly, it’s not often the four of us can go out and get exactly what we want. Bobbino was shocked that the bill was only $110 for all those oysters, a few alcoholic drinks, coffee, appetizers and a pizza. He was expecting the bill to be closer to $170. Bobbino says the bill was cheaper than when we go to Newcastle for fish and chips, and he feels better after eating at Full Circle because he doesn’t feel stuffed or bloated.

Though Bobbino and Mama G raved about Full Circle, I think L is the biggest fan. He complains that some of the restaurants I take him are pretentious and under deliver food-wise. Well, no fear of that here.

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