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Full Circle Pizza and Oyster Bar

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Holy-moly! How often do you go out for pizza and say to yourself , “That was a f#*$%! good pizza!” In my case, once, after eating the octopus pizza at Full Circle Pizza and Oyster Bar. However, I need to warn you. If you like a good old fashion thick crust, cheesy pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and green peppers, don’t come here for the octopus pizza (I’m talking to you mommy and daddy). Eat the simpler pizzas, the pastas and the appetizers.

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I declared Friday date night because of John M’s glowing review. I love that man’s enthusiasm for good food. On a cold, wintry night, my husband and I braved the -15 weather and headed over to Full Circle. We were warmly greeted by a gracious hostess. Our server Steven was equally keen to provide stellar service and solid food advice.

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L ordered Blue Buck beer ($6.50) while I hemmed and hawed over the wine list. Our server let me sample two: a Californian Zin Marietta Old Vines Red ($16/9 ounce) and an Italian Rivera il Falcone $19/9 ounce). I preferred the latter, as it was not as sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can tell I like a wine when I sip it slowly instead of guzzling it back like a cold Vitamin Water after a 75 minute hot yoga class.

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Based on our server’s candid opinion, we tried the Fried Fior Di Latte with pancetta and arugula ($11). Wow. The cheese was so fresh and light, covered in a light, non greasy crumb-like batter. L though he could taste lemon zest. We received four sizeable pieces, which would have cost more for me to buy at the market. The pancetta was crispy and gave the cheese a subtle saltiness.

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We ordered the Dr. Octo-Pi ($21). L went nuts over this pizza, stating that he would expect a dish like this in Japan. If you like takoyaki or squid okonomiyaki, you will LOVE this pizza.

The crust is paper thin and has this charred but not burnt flavour and texture. The pizzas are all cooked in a wood oven, using birch wood. The braised octopus was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy, not chewy. The saltiness of the bonito flakes and seaweed is cut by the sweetness of the corn. This isn’t a pizza for everyone. It’s a pizza for those who appreciate these particular ingredients.

I plan to come again to try more of the dishes. The gnocchi, oysters, and a calzone. My tummy is still upset from my trip to Mexico and a possible stomach bug, but I can’t wait to dig in and try the oysters here.

I’m all about value and I found it here. Add in the exceptional service, and you have to check this gem out. Flavour combinations, cooking technique and ingredients are refine and thus not your average pizza restaurant. Note that you can get a card and stamps for each pizza you order. Collect five stamps and you get the sixth pizza for free.

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