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Teaspoon – Killarney Gem

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I wanted to go out for dinner but I didn’t want to spend a whole lot. I was thinking either Papito’s Chicken Grilled, Chefbar or Teaspoon. Teaspoon won in the end because it is super close to my house and we had plans to meet up with friends at 8:00pm.

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When L and I entered the restaurant, almost all the seats were filled. I found out from the owner that on Friday and Saturday, Teaspoon is usually packed. The venue is small with a pleasant homey vibe. Despite the constant flow of take-out orders and incoming customers, our food arrived quickly. L ordered the Pomegranate Stew with Meatballs ($9.99) while I opted for the Lamb Shank ($19.99). We both chose the half rice and salad option.

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The salad was delightful. Crisp pieces of lettuce, cucumber and tomato were dressed in a slightly sourish yogurt base with dill and some other spices. Throughout the whole meal L and I were thrilled to eat food that was so unique to us. We could detect lemon, orange and some unfamiliar spices. Note that Teaspoon does not over season their food. Flavours are subtle and at times, was almost perfume-like.

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L’s meatballs were covered in a tangy sauce of pomegranate and walnuts. My lamb was a huge portion and tender. The broth of the lamb was light and tasted like it was onion and herb based. I ended up taking more than half of my portion home.

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Dessert ranged from $1.99 to $4.99. We sampled Persian sweets that were lovely, stuffed with pistachios and a syrup cake that was moist and dense. The owner gave us complimentary tea as well. The tally for our whole meal? $36 bucks! Anyone who says the food is expensive (see some Zomato and Yelp posts) needs to get their brain examined.

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When we return, and we will, I want to try the Persian Chicken Pie, Beef Sirloin Kebob, Wraps and more of the desserts. If you want to check out something unique in the city, visit Teaspoon. They serve up great homemade food. Note that the restaurant is closed on Sunday but it is opened on Monday.

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