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Redheads Jap Cafe – Fei Po returns

black beer

L and I are making our weekly tradition to eat at RedHeads Jap Cafe. This time around, we were seated at a table and served, instead of ordering at the front counter like the last visit. I’m guessing the cafe is slowly turning into a bistro. We ordered two cans of Belgium black beer ($7.50). The beer reminded me of Guinness but it was lighter and sweeter. Just an FYI – Redheads now offers a happy hour special for drinks from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm.


We were tempted to order the table d’hôte ($19.99) but L wanted more of that delicious katsu curry. I ventured out and picked the Japa Rice bowl ($12.99) and the DLX Japa Dessert ($5.00).

The moment the food hit our table, L and I both ravenously dug into the food. How good was the food? So delicious that by the end of my meal, I barely drank my beer. Now that’s a sign of damn fine cooking.

didn't drink beer

I don’t know what goes into that salad dressing, but it must be magical because I couldn’t stop gobbling it up. It taste like traditional Japanese salad dressing but with a noticeable kick to it.


My Japa Rice Bowl was a hit, so much in fact, L wished he ordered it as well. The Japa Rice Bowl is similar to a Vietnamese vermicelli bowl (bun). You get the textural differences between the salad, soft carbs, something crunchy and savoury. My bowl was filled to the brim with rice balls, hamburg, chicken karrage, katsu, salad, a jiggly gently poached egg, and a side of beef curry. Every single item was delicious. The karrage was juicy and meaty. The hamburg – a Japanese style beef patty – was mildly spiced and flavourful. I could taste the quality of the beef.

special mix

side katsu

L’s katsu curry tasted just as good as the last time we tried it. The curry was magnificent, heavy with a mild heat. The chunks of beef were so tender and nicely marbled with fat. The rice was perfectly cooked, so good that I could just eat it alone.

Dessert was a light treat for our tastebuds. The doughnut reminded me a bit of a bran muffin, which went so well with the matcha green tea ice-cream. A side of strawberries and green grapes with caramel rounded out the dessert.

match dougnut

L wants to return for the lunch buffet, even though he hates going out for brunch and buffets. We plan to return weekly and try the entire menu. Japaghetti, table d’hôte, cold ramen bowl, salmon, tempura shrimp rice burger, sushi, and miso-katsu sandwich… These are just some of the items we can’t wait to try.

My work buddy C said she wants me to stop blogging about Redheads because she’s afraid it will get too busy and she won’t be able to get a table anymore. However, this is one gem that is too great for me to not sing its praises. I figure if Redheads gets too popular, the owners can open up a chain of restaurants in Calgary.

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One thought on “Redheads Jap Cafe – Fei Po returns

  1. I love how they’re slowly, quietly transitioning into a Japanese restaurant- name change will be in order at some point because redhead Kris Frantzen has obviously not been affiliated with the place for years now.

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