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Italian Store – #YYCPIZZAWEEK

Zomato bloggers were invited to participate in YYC’s Pizza Week. I picked up my ingredients from the Italian Store/Scarpones, as the store generously donated 3 of the 4 mystery ingredients and the pizza dough. Since L and I were already shopping at the Italian Store, we decided to grab a bite to eat as well.


The set-up is a bit like a cafeteria and bakery combined. At the counter, there were trays of hot, ready-to-eat food, such as pasta, lasagna, and pizza. L and I ordered a latte and an americano.


Let me tell you that the ladies at the Italian Store can teach YYC baristas a thing or two about making excellent coffee. I don’t even like lattes but I couldn’t stop sipping L’s drink. Both our coffees didn’t need sugar because of the noticeable sweetness from the espresso.


My father would love the Italian Store’s version of gnocchi with meatballs. I could taste the tomatoes in the sauce, which was light and fresh. The meatballs were extra large and fluffy. With a liberal sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese, which you can help yourself to at the front counter, this dish was very homey.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.48.26 PM

The pizza was delicious. The crust was thick, the exterior crunchy. The texture of the pie crust reminded me of focaccia bread. The thin layer of cheese was hot and gooey. The pizza had the right balance of saltiness from the olives and meat with a pleasant kick of heat.

The food is simple and hearty. With our bellies full, my wallet was happy too. The feast of pizza, pasta and two fantastic espresso drinks cost us only $20.00.

The store is pretty neat as well, packed with customers all patiently waiting for their meats at the deli. I picked up homemade pesto, fresh pizza dough, mozzarella, ricotta, roasted chicken, olives, roasted red peppers and olives. The pizza I made (see below) was tasty, but not as good as the one I ate at the Italian Store.

pizza week

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