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Redheads Bagel Cafe – Calgary’s Best Kept Secret for Funky Japanese Comfort Food


I found my new favourite place for Japanese food. Redheads Bagel Cafe does indeed serve bagels, but they also serve homemade ramen noodles, Japanese curry, sushi burgers and fusion dishes, like chicken karaage sandwiches.


Being the diligent person I am, I called ahead to preorder the ramen and to check to see if I needed reservations. I was shocked to see that cafe was not jam packed full of customers. The food is affordable, delicious and something you can’t get anywhere else in the city.

The cafe itself is stylish and calming. The grey tiles pop out of the wall, a small chandelier dangles from the ceiling and jazz music plays gently in the background. We sipped on Asahi ($5) while we waited for our food.


The Pork Katsu ($10.99) was served with rice and a salad. The pork itself was extra crunchy, the meat was a nice thickness. The curry was rich and heavy with chunks of beef. The rice was well-made and slightly sticky.


A green salad was included in the curry dish. The simple green salad was fresh, mixed in with finely sliced radishes. The dressing was yummy, light and tart.


The Homemade Ramen Noodles ($9.99) was a treat. These were the very antithesis of instant Ichiban noodles. Thick, chewy and heavier than your average ramen, the noodles were worthy of slurping. Beautifully presented with charred slices of pork, a milky soft egg and sprouts. The broth was deep, flavourful and hearty.

rice burger2

I don’t normally over order when L and I eat out. However, the prices were so good, I really overdid the ordering. We ate Salmon ($3), Tuna and Mayo ($3) and Spam and Egg ($3) sushi burgers. I didn’t expect the sushi burgers to be so large and filling.

rice burger

The salmon burger was our favourite. The salmon was good quality and salty (in a good way) and layered with crunchy deep-fried bits of onion. The tuna wasn’t fishy and quite refreshing with the layer of lettuce and again for textural delight, those crispy onions. I was too full at this time to enjoy the spam and egg sandwich, though it would make for a delicious breakfast.

ice cream

My husband loves his Japanese desserts, so we shared the Sesame Ice-Cream ($5). Oh man. This was good. The soft ice-cream was flecked with black sesame seeds. Nutty in flavour, the addition of the fresh strawberries cut into the intense flavour.


Redheads is going to be my new haunt. Affordable prices, deliciously unique food in Calgary, and the lovely people who operate it make this cafe makes it on Fei Po’s list of favourite restaurants in the city.

On the weekend, Redheads offers a buffet of Japanese and Canadian breakfast food for only $18.99. Make sure to call and reserve a table, as I hear the cafe is packed to capacity. I spoke to the owner before we left and he informed me that by next week, they will have a new special dinner menu. Dinner is only available on weekdays except for Monday.

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