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T.Pot Bistro – Dim Sum Confusion

T.Pot came highly recommended to me by my boss and two colleagues. L and I arrived around 1:30PM. It took ten minutes for the hostess to take my name down on the list. In that time I saw an elderly Asian woman blow a spaz at the hostess because she had to wait so long. The hostess was quite understanding and patted her on her wrist, saying her table was almost ready. This little lady went to her not quite ready table, turned around and started yelling “zǒu” (to go/leave) to her friend and left.

front entrance

When our hostess was ready to take my name down, she couldn’t tell me how long the wait would be. Fair enough. L and I took the buzzer and went shopping at T&T and we came back in less than 15 minutes. When I went up to the hostess she looked greatly annoyed. She informed me that our table was ready ages ago and she gave it away. Normally, I’m an honest person and willing to admit when I’m wrong. Instead, I played dumb and said I was in the car, right outside but the buzzer never went off. She looked at me like she was trying to decide if I was full of it or not. She nodded reluctantly and said my table was the next one.

room topot

After all that drama, some self-created, we landed a table for four. I thought it was interesting that whenever a dish would arrive at our table, our server(s) would literally dump the dish at the corner of the table farthest from us. So we had to drag the piping hot dish over to our side of the table.


I ordered the Home Made Noodles with Pork and Mushrooms ($5.99). I didn’t realize until the dish came to the table that it a noodle soup. The broth was light and tasty. The noodles were the slippery suckers that kept escaping our chopsticks. Little bits of char sui (BBQ pork) and mushroom were intermingled with the noodles.


The Steamed Scallop and Shrimp dumplings ($6.50) looked sloppy but the seafood was good for Calgary. The shrimp was small and not the crunchiest. The scallop was a good size but a little fishy. The wrapper was nice, not too thin or gummy.


The sui mai ($5.99) were called Crab and Meat Dumplings,though I didn’t taste any crab. The wrapper was too thin and broke quite easily. The shrimp and the pork dumpling was small but tasty.

sui mai

The best dish was the Chef’s Special congee (HK style, $7.75), which came bubbling away in its own cauldron. There was about a dozen small shrimp, bits and pieces of delicious textural gems, green onion, ginger and deep-fried crispy strands. I was impressed with T.Pot’s version.


I came to T.Pot because I was feeling homesick and I was treated like family, albeit, by indifferent and unloving relatives. I mentioned to my friend AC that T.Pot wasn’t as impressive as he made it out to be. He responded that if I had gone with him I would have experienced better service. I questioned my boss’ taste and told him, “I thought you said T.Pot had the best dim sum?”. He retorted, “I said it was the best dim sum you can get in Calgary“.

I would go to T.Pot again for dim sum. The fried dishes looked delicious. Next time, I’ll promise to stay put and wait for my table. I don’t want to get xùnchì (rebuked) by the hostess for being a huài nǚhái (bad girl) again.

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