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Lunch at Q Haute


Seven of us from work (L and B no-showed) went to Q Haute for their $20.00 two-course meal. Q Haute is a bit of trek from our office. However, with our bosses away on vacation, I thought this would be a golden opportunity to go somewhere special.


We were surprised to see that we got our own private room. The table was beautifully set-up, long wooden logs were elegantly arranged in the centre. I could imagine how cozy the fireplace would be during the winter. The window offered a pretty view of the trees and the street below. The back drop of the room would be ideal for a Christmas party.


The complimentary buns were really good – almost scone-like in texture. I thought I could taste cheese and chives. The herb butter was so good, I couldn’t help but slather it on the bun.

best pour

For my appetizer, I picked the Carrot Veloute with Chive Creme Fraiche. The richness of the chive creme fraiche was a good contrast to the soup, which was light but flavourful.


When all the food arrived, I darted around taking pictures. My husband gets embarrassed when I take photos at a restaurant, though he won’t admit it. My mother gets impatient, telling me the food is getting cold and I shouldn’t be working while I eat. I explained to my co-workers that I was taking photos of their food for my blog. They didn’t mind and patiently waited while I snapped away.


PB opted for the pastrami with hot mustard, rye crostini and pickles. PB is not his real initials, but I got to know him better that afternoon and thought it was better suited to him. PB stands for playboy.

pork salad

C and M ordered the beet salad with pork belly, tomato goat cheese and olive oil bread. This salad looked beautiful and according to C and M, it was delicious too. The presentation of the dish was so nice.

pork salad da

I was surprised how quickly our food came out. Our servers were friendly, professional and efficient. Despite the privacy of our room, there was always someone around to ensure we had everything we needed. From what I could see, Q Haute is well-staffed. Doing lunch at Q Haute within an hour is totally doable.


J ordered the brined pork loin with lentil pilaf and honey glazed beets. The portions look small, but its actually quite dense and filling.

salmon cake

T ordered the salmon cake with warm quinoa salad and cucumber caper and red onion bruschetta. I think this is the perfect summer entree. If you visit and see this on the menu, do get it.


I ordered the sous vide leg of lamb tomato with barley risotto. The topping tasted like potatoes and eggs, aka potato salad which went well with the lamb. The meat itself was tender and pink. The barley risotto was perfectly cooked, each grain was smooth, glossy and firm. What we all liked nothing we ate was over salted, letting the flavours of the food shine through.


For $5.00 more, you can partake in dessert. J ordered the tonka bean cheesecake with almond financier and creme Chantilly. I loved the bright pop of colour on this plate.


I didn’t have dessert because I had a beer instead ($10.00). I was going to order wine but changed my mind when J decided on a beer. With the air quality advisory, beer is much more refreshing. Disclaimer – I took the afternoon off – so I was not drinking on the job.


The food was beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. The value was outstanding. The room was gorgeous and service was stellar. Company was great, but hey, what else do you expect when I’m in the room? The crowning glory however, was our server bringing orange and pink gerbras to all the ladies in our table. We squealed like teenagers, delighted with the gesture. I noted that the gerbras were really fresh – as in just delivered from the greenhouse.


We all walked out feeling pretty special. Our server asked us if we would see him next Friday. Our bosses are back, otherwise the answer would be a resounding yes. I plan to organize another lunch or dinner at Q Haute with my buddies soon. Dining here is most definitely an elevated experience.

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2 thoughts on “Lunch at Q Haute

  1. Hey it was really nyce reading your blog and i really captured dat lunch moment (1 hr) which u have exactly narreted, especially every second till the end about next friday. Looking forward to see you soon with your buddies. Thankyou for your kind words.

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