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Sidewalk Citizen – Fei Po gives two fat thumbs up

At lunch, M and I went to check out the Simmons building in East Village. Charbar was packed so we went over to Sidewalk Citizen. I really like the soups and pizzas at Sidewalk Citizen’s Kensington location, so I was confident that food at this location would be good as well.


M picked up a pastry filled with cream that was decorated with blueberries. She said it was one of the best pastries she has eaten in a while. At 63 years old and an avid traveller and eater of desserts, I’d say that’s quite the compliment.


I ordered the Sabich ($12), a homemade pita filled with vegetables. Yes – I knowingly ordered something with no meat. Jaime would be proud of me. And I wasn’t even doing it to impress her. An employee told me it was a unique pita and Sidewalk was probably the only place in Calgary that serves this type of vegetarian sandwich.


The pita was thick, soft and pillowy. Stuffed with eggplant, hummus, egg and matchsticks of tomato and cucumber, it was surprisingly filling and I stayed full until the evening. The eggplant was creamy, smoky and full of flavour. There was also some cilantro (which I hate) in the pita, however the other ingredients were so good, I didn’t mind the offensive herb.


The side of amba looked like it was spinach, but I could also taste cumin. I smeared this tasty spicy oil-based goodness all over the pita. Double yum. I would happily order this pita again.

bread budding

My husband loves bread pudding, and my recent attempt at home was not nearly as good as Sidewalk Citizen’s version. This was phenomenal. The pudding was doughy (in a good way) and dense, studded with plump raisons. There was a flavour in the pudding that really elevated it – it tasted like vanilla but lighter, more subtle and fragrant. Perhaps it was magic.


From what I sampled, I’m a huge fan of Sidewalk Citizen. Fei Po gives Sidewalk Citizen an unheard of Zomato rating of five.

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