Sun Chiu Kee BBQ Restaurant – Take out

I’ve been getting requests for my duck fried rice. So on Sunday, L and I made a stop off at Sun Chiu Kee BBQ. While I always have to wait in line to order, this time was particularly crazy.

long line-up


Sun’s BBQ meats are pretty close to the best of the best I can get in Richmond, BC. The duck has lots of meaty goodness, and not too much fat. I ordered a whole duck, which is about $26.00.


I ordered a pound and a half of char sui, roughly $15.00. The meat looks like a lean cut and is bright red. The sticky sauce makes the pork a sweet tasting meat.

chai sui cut

Last but not least, I also picked out a pound and a half of the roasted pork ($16). The top layer is this delicious, crunchy fatty skin. In between are layers of fat and lean pork. I know this type of meat would really gross out my vegetarian friend Jaime.

roast pork

For every person that orders, the butcher has to select the meat, carefully cut it up and then place it in a styrofoam box. Then another staffer writes up the cheque, bags the boxes, and hands it to the cashier. While all the employees work efficiently, its excrucinating to wait. You can hear kids cry in the background. Servers dart in and out of the line, reaching for food for the sit down customers.

half duck

L timed how long it took for me to get my meats. 25 minutes. L loves the BBQ meats but hates how the car smells after the trip. He says it smells like duck farts.

roasted pork cut

Personally, I don’t mind the smell. It reminds me of dinner as a kid. It was common to eat dishes of BBQ Chinese meats, like char sui, duck, and lap cheong (Chinese sausage) with rice and gai lan (Chinese greens). The meats are rich so the plain rice and steamed vegetables help to cut down on the heaviness of the meal.


Sun Chiu Kee BBQ is worth the wait. I have yet to find another place in Calgary that offers the same quality meats. Just an FYI, if you order in, the food comes out more quickly as there is a staffer dedicated to cutting the BBQ meats for customers eating at the restaurant.

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