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Anju – Late Night Eats

Jaime and I were on 17th Ave and wanted a snack at Anju. At 9:00 p.m., the restaurant was packed. I put my name down and the hostess told me she would give me a text when a table become available. In the meantime, I took Jaime to the Ship and Anchor, as she’s never been before. We sat at a table covered in beer and drank Moosehead Lite. In about 15 minutes, Anju texted to tell us we had a table.

Our table was right behind the hostess, so we didn’t have to walk far to our seats. All around us were customers winding up or down. We fell in the latter group. As Jaime is a meat-hater, we chose a few vegetarian dishes.


We started off with the King Mushrooms ($8.00). The shrooms were meaty, accompanied with some tasty charred green onions. Jaime and I weren’t drinking at this point, but I think I would have enjoyed the mushrooms more if I was sipping some soju or a cold beer.


I ordered the infamous Crispy Tofu with Pork Belly with sweet kimchi and citrus aioli ($14.00). I asked if we could have the pork belly on the side. When the tofu appetizer arrived, we both noticed the tofu was cold. As I know how the dish can taste, I asked the server if he could heat up the tofu. Instead, he brought out a new dish that was piping hot. Jaime really liked the kimchi.


Our favourite dish was the Japchae noodles ($12.00). The sweet potato noodles were glassy and slippery. I liked generous amount of the julienne vegetables that still had a pleasant crunch and all different colours and textures in this dish.

Price-wise, if you stick to the appetizers and side dishes, you can get in and out for a very reasonable price. On a side note, it must be a hard time to own a restaurant right now. With food costs rising, then the slumping oil prices and layoffs. Having said that, apparently spending at restaurants and bars is still high in Alberta.

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