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Lemon Garden – Chinese Food in the Hood

You won’t find “authentic” Chinese cuisine at Lemon Garden. Judging from its clientele, customers are happy there’s an absence of traditional Cantonese fare, like tripe, chicken feet or Chinese daikon and carrot broth. If you don’t like the exotic stuff, you’ll love the menu. Salt and pepper squid, sweet and sour chicken balls, as well as an assortment of western food such as burgers, fish and chips, and sandwiches.

By the way, I’ve ordered cheeseburgers at Lemon Garden before and enjoyed the thick patty and the large, soft sesame bun. Don’t expect homemade patties or handout fries, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the food. My burger was juicy and thick, stacked with processed cheese, iceberg lettuce, and a thick slice of tomato. I saw that Lemon Garden has recently raised their prices again, but I noticed the portion has also increased.

assorted chowmein

L and I usually order two dishes, which is enough food for three people. I like the Special Chow Mein ($12.99) which comes with bbq pork, chicken and shrimp. The chicken is a tad too tenderized for me, but I dig the still crispy noodles and assortment of vegetables. For some reason, the celery is a bit mushy.

salt and pepper squid

We always order the Salt and Pepper Squid ($13.99), which this time was not crispy. The container was packed to the rim. The squid is tender and has a good amount of spice to it.

Lemon Garden is always packed with customers, particularly on holidays and weekends. The food is mostly consistent, though sometimes the vegetables are too squishy. My favourite picks at Lemon Garden include the Almond Chicken ($11.99), Salt and Pepper Squid ($13.99) and the Singapore Rice Noodles ($10.99).

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