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The Keg – Stadium Location

Ah, the good old Keg. Back in Vancouver, my family would always default to the Keg for family dinners. I would usually get the most marbled steak available or choose the ribs.

keg drinks

When L and I arrived at the patio, our server greeted us with water. We ordered our drinks immediately, a Stiegl Radler Grapefruit ($7) and a Keg size caesar ($11). We waited 20 minutes for our drinks. In the meantime, I was fortunate enough to enjoy the picturesque view of Tim Horton’s and the gas station across the street.

Despite how busy it was, our server still asked L if he would like a glass for his beer and topped up our waters. She also replaced a knife inside the cloth napkin that was stained with something sticky. The caesar was too spicy for me, and I have a very high spice tolerance. I think this was the first time I felt like sending a drink back but I didn’t because it was so busy.


After 30 minutes, we received our food. A medium-rare 12 ounce Top Sirloin ($29) and the Scallops and Bacon ($11). When our server brought our steak, she warned us it looked more well-done because of the natural sunlight. When I cut into the steak, it was most definately well-done. I didn’t bother to say anything to our server, as she just told us if we found our steaks more cooked than requested, it was all in the lighting. I disagree with her rationale. Wouldn’t more light mean you could better see the steak?


I really enjoyed the scallops. Each piece was meaty and sweet. The bacon around it was crisp. The steak was tasty thought it was a little tough only because it wasn’t cooked to our specification. If it was cooked to a medium, I can only imagine how tender and juicy this cut would have been.

The Keg is doing something right. Every table was filled by the time L and I left. Overall, if I was craving steak again, I think I would rather go somewhere known for being more attentive to the quality of the food and service, like Modern Steak in Kensington or Vintage Chophouse. You pay more but with that I think you can expect more too.

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