Sunny Vietnamese

I went out for lunch with KN and H. They felt like eating Vietnamese food but didn’t want to eat at Pho Hoai Vietnamese Noodle House because of the poor service they received in the past. The older gentleman that works on the weekends is nice, but I did notice the guy who mans the till on the weekday is short with customers. He usually points a table without saying anything and then throws the menus on the table.


We each ordered small/medium bowls of Pho Sate ($9.00). KN orders the sprouts cooked to avoid salmonella and E. coli. The broth was steaming hot but the noodles were barely warm. I’m glad the sprouts were cooked beforehand, so that it didn’t further cool the soup. The beef was razor thin and not a generous portion. The broth was bright orange with a mouth-watering spice to it.

I would come back again. The portion was what I should be eating. I wasn’t full but I wasn’t hungry. The service was polite and it was easy to wave a server over if we needed anything. The restaurant is calmer and less cramped than Pho Hoai, so that’s another bonus.


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