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Last Best Brewery & Distillery

On Thursday, I came home in a foul mood. L took one look at me and told me he was taking me out for dinner. His reaction reminded me of my father, who would often cheer me up by offering to take me to a new restaurant. Ah, great minds think alike! I opted for the Last Best Brewery & Distillery as I knew L would dig the beer selection.

trybeers again

The distillery attracts its fair share of hipsters. I never saw so many manicured beards and elaborate moustaches in one place. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Perhaps I should try to do something cool with my upper lip peach fuzz.

If it wasn’t for our super server Dagny, we wouldn’t have stayed for food. I saw an old co-worker right before we were seated. M told me that the wings, calamari, and knuckle sandwich were not worth ordering. However, our server Dagny made us give the distillery a shot. Her sunny disposition and knowledge of the beer won us over.

Dagny served our six beer sampler ($14) in drinking order: Rock ISA; Kolsch; Organic; Show Pony; WIPA; and the Latte.

– The Rock was light, a little fruity, dry and not in the least bitter.

– I took to the Klosch, which was a floral light beer that tasted like the smell of lilacs. I found the Klosch to be a refreshing sipping beer.

– My favourite beer was the Organic, which is aged in a Chardonnay cask. This beer was mellow, smooth, mild with a creamy after taste. I liked it so much, I ordered another sleeve.

– The Showcase smelled like marihuana (hey, I use to live in Vancouver, so I know what it smells like) but tasted like lychee. This beer was a tad bitter. I found the smell a little unsettling.

– L did not like the WIPA, as it smelled strongly of cloves. I thought it was fine, but it was my least favourite beer.

– The Latte beer tasted like a good quality espresso with a sweet, creamy finish. Though I couldn’t drink a whole pint, I found the flavour of the latte beer quite delicious and not fake tasting, like most coffee flavoured beers.

tuna sandwich

Dagny told us her favourite dishes include the Shaved Fennel Salad, Roasted Bone Marrow and Pork Loin Chops. Unfortunately, I don’t like fennel, L avoids rich foods and he wasn’t in the mood for pork. Dagny recommended any of the sandwiches with mixed green salad, which she said was amazing. She pointed us in the direction of the chicken panini, which turned out to be a winner.

tuna again

L and I shared the Albacore Tuna Loin Sandwich ($16.00) with a mixed green salad. I was surprised when I saw the tuna filling, as I didn’t realize it would more of a tuna salad. Regardless, I enjoyed the heavy use of olive tapenade and the creamed avocado. The pretzel bun was warm and soft. The salad was delicious. A mix of sweet, tart and savoury from the dates, pecorino cheese and red wine vinaigrette.


Next we shared my favourite dish, the Roasted Chicken Panini. The filling was a saucy mixture of melted havarti cheese, harissa mayo, proscuitto, and well-seasoned chicken. I loved the crunch of the ciabatta and the peppery taste of the arugula. This was one kick-ass sandwich. The fries were average but did the trick.

bad pour

The one thing that annoyed me that night was my sleeve of beer was not filled to the top. I’m a cheapskate through and through, and try as I might, these type of things bug me. However, I have to say that Dagny enthusiasm was so contagious, I can forgo my drive for value (in this case, I’m guessing about 50 cents worth of beer). I’ll be back to try new beers and to devour that chicken panini.

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