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Posto Pizzeria and Bar

bottled water

L’s best friend S, and his wife E wanted to take us out for dinner. They felt like pizza, so I picked Posto Pizzeria and Bar. We sat in the patio, in the cool shade.

Our server asked us if we wanted still or sparking, to which we responded accordingly. I should have asked, but I assumed they offered their own filtration system like in the restaurants I usually frequent, such as Suzette Bistro, Una, and Cassis. Instead, we received bottled water, which I wouldn’t have ordered had I known. Lesson learned.

pistachio hummous

For drinks, the boys ordered beer while I opted for my usual, a glass of BonAnno cabernet ($13), which E preferred over her glass, a chianti ($14). E was hungry and ordered a couple of appetizers, the Chickpea Brushetta with Pistachio ($8.00) and the special appetizer of the day, grilled prawns. The bread that came with the chickpea mixture was soft, chewy and oily.


The prawns were nicely presented with toasted pine nuts, panko crumbs, and beans. We received a total of five large prawns, and man it was cooked perfectly. Crunchy and juicy, we all raved about the prawns. The beans were sweet and had a nice snap to it.

mystery pizza

Our server recommended ordering three pizzas if we were hungry. S chose the meat laden pizza, with sausage, salami, smoked pancetta, and calabrese ($19.00). This was L and S’s favourite dish. The meats were cooked to a crisp.

Meat pizza

My favourite dish was the pizza with potato, creme fraiche, leek, smoked pancetta ($18). The unusual combination of ingredients and textures worked. To us, it tasted like one giant, delicious perogy.


E’s favourite dish was the pizza prosciutto, fiore de latte, arugula, and grana padano ($22). The arugula gave the pizza a freshness while the chili flakes added a nice heat to the pie. The crust was light and airy, and it pleasantly crackled when you bit in it.


Instead of dessert, I opted for another glass of wine. My counterparts indulged in gelato, mini doughnuts, and panna cotta. To each their own. I declined a taste of dessert, but everyone seem to like what they ordered.

creme brulee

Overall, we enjoyed the food and wine. Posto takes reservations, unlike my favourite pizza place, Una. I would like to go back and try some of their non pizza items, which I hear is pretty tasty.


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