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On Saturday night, I had plans with my friend Jaime. I put on my most comfortable shoes, wore my most stretchy pants, and put on a fresh pair of contacts. I stopped by Jaime’s place for a glass of wine before we walked over to 17 Ave for dinner.


I know Jaime always wants to try the newest hot spot. I heard good things about Pigeonhole, plus I follow the GM, Heather Wighton, on Twitter so I figured it would be a safe bet. We arrived around 7pm and landed a spot by the window.


Jaime and I were really impressed with our server, Hanna. She was funny, witty and knew the menu inside and out. When she described the drinks and food, she waxed poetic.


I ordered a Hanky Panky cocktail ($12.00) because Hanna described it as strong and boozy. Made with Tanqueray, Punt E Mes, and Fernet, this drink had a punch to it. I could feel the drink uppercut my liver. I could taste orange and I think, juniper berries.


The Halloumi Cheese ($11) was kick-ass good. The cheese was firm and warm. With each nibble, I would swirl some of the pistachio sauce and a piece of the pickled celery or olive. The flavour of the pistachio was pronounced, as well tartness from the rhubarb.


The second snack we ordered was the Morels and Dumplings ($12). Oh wow. This dish is a stunner. The morels were soft, the dumpling skin was delicate. The herby filling tasted like there was ricotta inside. I loved the freshness of the peas. All together, the flavours were well-balanceed.

Pigeonhole calls these dishes “snacks”. I call it fine dining. This is food that I can’t make at home. For those on Yelp/Zomato that complain that the dishes are expensive for the portion, try shopping for some of these ingredients yourself and see how much that would cost you.

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