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Seafood Lunch at Market on Macleod

royal miyagi

L prefers Market on Macleod (formerly Kingsland Market) because its quieter and more peaceful to shop around than Calgary’s Farmers Market and Crossroads. Market on Macleod has become my favourite too, mostly because Billingsgate Market recently opened up and they sell freshly shucked oysters. Besides oysters, I can also get steamed mussels and hot chowder.


I was and I still am giddy. Here I was in Calgary, getting oysters shucked right in front of me while I was shopping. I picked 3 east coast and 3 west coast oysters. In about five minutes, I received perfectly shucked oysters on a bed of crushed ice. Lemon wedges and a bottle of hot sauce were served on top of the metal serving plate. This dish of delicacies cost me $11.00 clams.


L and I sat outside on the patio. The sun was shining down, our seafood feast glistened, no, it sparkled. The west coast oysters cost only $1.00. Creamy, cold and flavourful, oh I could have eaten a dozen of these. The east coast oysters ($1.89) had that bitter, briny taste to it. Could oysters be any fresher? Well, perhaps, if I lived on the west coast. So I suppose the question should be rephrased as “Can you get fresher oysters anywhere else in the prairie?” Not at these prices, you can’t.


To round out my meal, I ordered a maki platter and an order of toro from Big Catch. The sushi was well-made and presented. The toro was buttery and delicious. Next time, I’m just going to order a few different plates of sashimi because I think raw fish tastes better with oysters. Big Catch served up their food in elaborate decorative plates. I was worried I would accidently knock it off the table, but luckily these dishes survived a meal with me.


I can’t wait to return again for my oyster and sashimi fix. I was contemplating BYOC (bring your own champagne), but I saw bylaw officers in the market. Yikes, better not. Oh well, the oysters at Billingsgate and the toro at Big Catch are so good I will be intoxicated enough.

sign oysters

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