Suzette Bistro

Jaime treated to me to lunch at Suzette Bistro. I was keen to try the food, as I heard the restaurant is managed by the same owners of Cassis Bistro. While Suzette Bistro focuses more on buckwheat and sweet crepes, the trademark service and lovely ambience of Cassis carried over. Of course, let’s not forget the food. Oh, the food.

We were seated right by the window, right by all the street action. On a sunny day, the room is lit up with natural light. I really liked the energy of the room, it was clear that all the customers were loving life.


Our gregarious server recommended that I pair dish of my mussels with a particular wine. I didn’t write the name of the wine down, but it was pretty, light yellow hue and a tart after taste.


I love the production of ordering Moules Frites ($22.00). First comes the heaping bowl of fragrant mussels, and a large metal tin for shells. Then comes the bowl of frites and condiments, a homemade ketchup and garlic aioli. The mussels were small in size, soft and silky. I shouldn’t have but I drank up spoonfuls of the addicting cream broth, which was speckled with shallots and parsley. The frites were a golden yellow, crisp and even better when I dipped it in alternating condiments.

crepe mushroom

Jaime ordered a tea and the Forestière ($18.00). Jaime has a small appetite, so I got the chance to eat about a third of the galette. The filling of sautéed mushrooms was rich, seasoned with garlic & parsley. I thought the crepe-like wrapper was lacey and crisp.

Suzette Bistro is the sort of place I would bring my out of town friends for delicious and good value food. The service, food and ambience are top notch. Thank you Jaime for a lovely lunch.

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