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Richmond Pub – Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

L and I go out for dinner about twice a week. We already met our quota of the week when he mentioned to me that he wanted to watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. L was surprised that I was so into watching the game. I wasn’t, I was into the opportunity to eat wings. I diligently researched nearby pubs to see which one was showing the boxing match.

Richmond pub beer

The person who answered the phone at Richmond Pub told to arrive before 6:00pm to score a seat. When we arrived, the manager showed us our options. We opted for the high seats near the big screen.

Hot wings

Cold beers and hot wings. Can life get any better? The wings were very good ($8.99). We received about 12 wings and drums. Nice amount of meat, crispy skin and one of the nicest hot sauces I’ve sampled. I could taste the vinegar in the hot sauce, which I enjoyed.

Pizza Richmodn Pub

We ordered the large Meat pizza ($19.99). The crust was crunchy and tasted homemade. The crust was not too thin but thick enough to hold up the heavy layer of cheese, crunchy green peppers, onions, and meat. The processed meat was a little too Safeway if you know what I mean. However, Richmond Pub makes a better pizza than many of its competitors. The pizza was really large too, and I had to tap out at three slices.

I saw a huge appetizer platter that called out for me to order it next time. I spied with my beady eyes onion rings, chicken fingers, ribs and some veggies. The next time L and I head over to Richmond’s Pub, we will have to give the platter a try.

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