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Milestones on Stephen Ave


My work buddies LB and BF wanted to meet up for drinks at Milestones. My past visits at Milestones on Stephen Avenue were not positive ones, but I didn’t want to be a negative Nancy. To my surprise, it turns out this location has improved vastly from previous visits in 2009 and 2012. Most likely due to Robin Hushagen, the new general manager at Milestones.

Milestones wine

LB and BF know Robin from previous visits. Frequent fliers at this location, my friends informed me Robin is always mingling with guests to ensure they are enjoying themselves. True to their word, he made his way over to our table and chatted with us.

Artichoke dip

I was surprised to see so many bottles of wine just over the $30.00 mark. Steal on Stephen Ave! The Spinach and Artichoke Dip ($12) was just like I remembered in Vancouver. Thick and creamy, the dip stayed soft and warm despite our leisurely pace of munching. We also snacked on the Mediterranean Bruschetta ($9), the toppings were strong on the balsamic reduction, feta cheese and tomatoes.


The lounge is newly renovated, complete with a steam fireplace. No longer dark and cramped, the spacious lounge is now filled with lots of natural light. I can’t wait for the new patio to be built. This is one chain restaurant I’ll frequent more often for appies and well priced drinks.

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