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Gachi Restaurant

L and I are getting old. In my wilder days, I stayed up past midnight. I voted NDP because I knew it would upset my Liberal loving parents. I bussed for well over an hour to check out a new eatery. Now, I fall asleep by 10:00 pm. I vote based on my opinion on the character of the people running rather than ideology. More telling, L and I dine out based on convenience, which means anywhere within five minutes of our house.


Gachi fits the bill. I like Gachi for a quick and quiet dinner. The room is comfortable, with hanging lights that colour of 70s style sunglasses. The restaurant is quieter than it should be – as the food is consistent and far better than its nearby competitors.

yam fires

For a light appetizer, we snacked on Yam Fries ($8.00). These were real yam fries, not the super battered type you find at fast food joints. I could really taste the sweetness of the soft yam. A side of house-made chili mayo accompanied the fries.
pizza - Korean

I’m a fan of the Korean pancake, which was filled with seafood. Though thick in size, the pancake wasn’t in the least doughy. The exterior was crispy while the pieces of squid, shrimp and octopus were high quality and perfectly cooked. The pancake was so flavourful, I felt no need to dip it in the accompanying sauce.

fire chicken

L and I both loved the Spicy Chicken Donburi ($14.00). L use to live in Korea and he declared Gachi makes an excellent version of “fire chicken”, a dish he ate often. I could smell the BBQness of the chicken the moment the dish arrived at our table. More chicken than rice, this dish was a delight. Chock full of spicy marinated chicken with perfect egg omelette ribbons, green onions, red peppers and crunchy strands of cabbage.

Fire chicken

The only other dish that is better than the Spicy Chicken is the Bon Thai with Soft Shell Crab ($16.00). The crab is crispy, standing up to the creamy spicy green curry. I thought the sautéed broccoli and mushrooms went with the curry. The side of rice was well flavoured, though I would prefer a simple white rice so I could really enjoy the taste of the curry. For $16.00, this dish is a big portion with excellent seafood.

Bon Thai

Thanks Gachi, for offering residents in Killarney an affordable option for delicious Korean food. Gachi has moved up to one of our favourite restaurants in the city.

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