Maurya Fine East Indian Restaurant

Twice I’ve been invited to a private party at Maurya. Both times, L and I really enjoyed the food and vowed to return again for dinner. The restaurant is large enough for about 50 guests.

Our friend N was hosting a surprise party for her husband. L and I were the only people there without children. My bad. We forgot to procreate a year before this party.

The buffet included about ten dishes: butter chicken; paneer; potatoes and eggplant; tandoori chicken; saffron rice; naan; beans; daal and salad. While all the food was tasty, there are three dishes that stood out.

buffet leighton

The naan was freshly made. You can see the chef making it at the front of the restaurant. I think there’s nothing better than fresh naan. Light and crispy, the flat bread was the perfect vessel to scoop up the butter chicken.
buffet platter

Speaking of butter chicken, the meat was tender and juicy. The sauce was thick, creamy and tangy. It rivaled the tandoori chicken, which I loved. Normally I find tandoori chicken a tad dry. Not the case at Maurya. The chicken was a reddish hue and wonderfully spiced.

Belly dancing rounded out the party for the birthday boy. The belly dancer asked all children and adults to join her in a series of lessons. My belly was in no shape to dance, as I was too stuffed with all the yummy food at Maurya.

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