Momo Yami Sushi Japanese Cuisine

L and I were in the mood for sushi. Not wanting to drive very far, we settled on Momo-Yami. Located in the Glamorgan strip mall, we opted to order take-out. The manager/owner who’s always around makes the ambience a tad tense. Let’s just say you can read her mood easily and her staff look terrified of her. Good thing the sushi is consistent and well-made.


I ordered the deluxe sushi combo ($18). Of the bunch, the salmon nigiri was my favourite. Smooth and buttery, the salmon was sweet and nicely marbled. The scallop was large but fishy. I usually find snapper too chewy to eat, but this piece was not at all sinewy. I enjoyed the sushi rice though it was half the size of the fish. The rest of the fish selection was good though not exceptional. Note that all the nigiri was heavily smeared with wasabi. Luckily, I’m a fan of that sinus clearing green stuff.

The California roll was tasty. The crab was sweet and mixed with mayonnaise. A sizeable triangle of avocado was perfectly ripe. The rice was nicely seasoned and spiked with orange tobiko.

L always ordered the Dynamite Combo ($12). I think Momo Yami makes one of the best dynamite rolls in town. Two pieces of shrimp fill this roll out and the airy batter remains crispy throughout. A dab of avocado, a healthy sprinkling of sparkling tobiko round out this texture and taste rich roll.

dyanmie combo

Overall, the nigiri and rolls that I’ve sampled are good. Fei Po gives Momo Yama two fat thumbs up for salmon nigiri and dynamite rolls.

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