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Newcastle Pub – Wing Night

Last Wednesday L and I dropped by Newcastle Pub for wing night. The previous time we visited Newcastle, I chatted with a wing night regular who told me the best time to snag a seat. For a hint, check the last image at the end of the post.

mill street

I don’t know if Newcastle has a great HR team or just lucky because the service is consistently good. However, last night service and the food was excellent. We sat back and drank big pints of Mill St Organic. I like the pints at Newcastle more than Pop’s Taphouse because beer is filled in larger glasses for cheaper.

medium hot

I ordered Medium Hot and Lemon Salt Wings. Within five minutes, our wings were ready. L and I were impressed that the wings were hot and crispy. A trainer at my gym told me she won’t eat wings because she finds it disgusting to see the little veins and discoloured bits near the bone. No fear of that nastiness at Newcastle. The chicken was plump and all white in colour.


We still felt peckish, so I ordered Poutine (9.00) and an order of Honey Hot Wings. The first time I ordered poutine at Newcastle, the fries were underdone. Not this time. The thick cut fries were soft in the inside, covered in blobs of cheese that would stretch for miles whenever I forked a fry.


I was too full to finish the Honey Hot Wings, but I tried a couple. I prefer the medium hot and lemon salt flavours, but at 25 cents per wing, it was fun to try something different.


Newcastle, keep up the great work. Give it some time and I’ll predict that this pub will be an institution in Killarney like the Ship and Anchor is on 17th Avenue. Fei Po gives Newcastle two fat thumbs up.

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