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Pop’s Taphouse

A trainer at my gym told me that she loves Pop’s Taphouse. She’s super fit, so I thought if she eats at Pop’s, maybe if I eat where and what she eats, I’ll be fit too. Faulty logic, I know. I also received coupons in the mail from Pop’s Taphouse to use in the month of April, which motivated me to try a different pub other than my beloved Newcastle.


I shared the Cuban Sandwich ($13.99) with skinny fries with L. The sandwich wasn’t anything special. A few pieces of thinly sliced meat, a whole lot of pickles, and a generic bun. I wouldn’t order this dish again.

L and my brother-in-law B enjoyed the sizzling calamari ($13). The batter was slightly sweet and fell off easily from the squid. I prefer Newcastle’s version, as their tentacles and arms are larger and didn’t taste like it was previously frozen (even though it was likely so, as we live in a landlocked city).


I liked the Artichoke Dip ($14.00). The dip was bubbling hot, and the consistency was thin and cheesy, which was perfect to coat the chips. I liked how the dish offered an assortment of dipping options, such as baguette slices, carrots and celery.


The food on our second night at Pop’s was much better. I ordered the pasta special ($8), Chicken Fettuccine. The pasta was light and flavourful, with nice slices of chicken and spinach. I would order this dish again. The value was incredible.


L ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Waffle Fries ($12.50). The wrap is large in size and the tortilla wrapper was soft and fresh. There is a lot of greens and hot sauce in the wrap, which I enjoyed but L would have preferred more chicken and less hot sauce.


The Poutine ($14.00) was another winner. The skinny fries remained crisp despite its bath in gravy and curds. The curds were clean tasting and firm, a nice contrast to the saltiness of the gravy. Everyone at our table thought the poutine was worth ordering again.


I really enjoyed the Big Ass Wings ($12). Our server recommended the honey hot flavour. The wings were crispy and stood up to the sweet, spicy sauce. I prefer Pop’s honey hot sauce over Newcastle’s version.


In future visits, I want to try Pop’s burgers, fish tacos, and the taco salad. FYI, Friday at Pop’s has all their bottles of wine for half price and pasta for $8.00.

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