Chinese · Dim Sum

Dragon Chinese Restaurant


AC wanted GR and I to try the food at Dragon Chinese Restaurant. From the outside, the building is nothing to look. However, the interior of the restaurant is pretty cool. For example, the wall by the kitchen is glossy with textured blue and gold designs. The washroom isn’t the typical cold, utilitarian version you would expect to see in a Chinese restaurant. The tiling in the hallway leading to the washroom is elaborate and colourful.


Dragon Chinese offers high quality dishes. Yes, the food is a few dollars more than my cheap and cheery lunch spots in Chinatown, but it is worth it. Take something as simple as the Chinese Dough in Rice Wrap ($6). We received two soy-based sauces plus a rich peanut dip. The doughnut was warm, airy and not in the least chewy. The rice wrapper was glossy and smooth.


The Dragon Chinese Fried Rice ($15.95) contained a healthy amount of crunchy shrimp. The rice was yellow, and peppered with orange tobiko and bits of squid. This was my favourite dish.


I ordered GR Salt and Pepper Squid ($9.99). The first order was too doughy. I could taste the wetness of the batter. AC asked the server if the cook could fry it for a bit longer. Instead, the chef made a fresh dish for us, and this version hit the spot. The batter was light and thin, crackling like fried skin on a chicken.

Fei Po gives Dragon Chinese Restaurant two fat thumbs up. The food is so good that both AC and I, world renowned cheapskates, are willing to cough up the extra cash.

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