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U & Me – Lunchlicious

The last few times I’ve dined at U & Me I was impressed with the food. I think the key to a good meal here is to come when the restaurant is the busiest. I usually try to come for lunch before 11:45 am in order to avoid waiting for a table.

century old

I ordered one of my favourite dishes at U & Me, Mixed Meat Congee with Century Old Egg ($6.99). The congee itself is fluffy, studded generously with tasty morsels of pork and beef. Ginger, green onion, and century old egg quarter give the soup plenty of flavour. The yolk part of the egg is creamy and salty, whereas the outer part of the egg is chewy and looks and taste like jelly.


I wasn’t expecting much for the Salt and Pepper Squid ($8.99) because the last time I went, it was too tough to eat. Mind you, it was 2:00am the morning, so perhaps that had something to do with it. The pieces of squid were on the small side and cut irregularly. However, despite how it looked, the squid was tender and the batter was crisp and melted on your tongue.

chow fun

The XO Beef Chow Fun with XO ($12.99) was a heaping platter of well sauced noodles. There was a generous amount of meat. The bean sprouts were still crisp, as were the grilled onions and green and red peppers. The spice in the sauce was hot enough to linger in our mouths.

AC pointed out that the owner was present and in the kitchen making all dishes. I’d like to know when he’s in, so that I can dine here more often. I can taste the difference between when he cooks and the other chefs. Fei Po gives U & Me two fat thumbs up (when the owner is cooking).


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