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Vic’s Hong Kong Style BBQ and Meats

AC and I wanted congee, but Lucky Place was closed for a week. AC told me that Vic’s made congee. We bickered back and forth for a couple of blocks as I never recalled seeing congee on the menu. Turns out, he was right. One for AC, one billion for me. Not that I’m keeping track.

free broth

We enjoyed the complimentary soup, which is included in any lunch special. Unfortunately, I took a picture after we took all the goodies out of the soup.

chicken mushroom congee

AC ordered the Chinese Mushroom and Chicken Congee. The texture of the soup was more smooth and silky, rather than the thick and fluffy style at U & Me. I liked the big pieces of mushrooms and white pieces of chicken.

vic noodle shangai

AC and I shared an order of the Shanghai noodles. The noodles were saucy, tangled with carrots, baby corn, water chestnuts, onions and pieces of pork. Turns out the head chef was working, and man, I could tell by the way the food was prepared that he knows what’s he’s doing. Next time I bring my co-workers, I’ll make sure to order this dish again.

I also picked up some BBQ meats from Vic’s. This Easter, my in-laws requested that I make my famous duck fried rice. I usually go to Sun’s BBQ, but Vic’s is a more convenient location for me. Half a pound of chau siu, roasted pork and half a duck cost me about $30. Props to the BBQ master working behind the counter. He cut off the hard corners of the meat before weighing the pieces. He also took the care to cut the roasted pork skin separately after slicing through the meat, so that the crispy skin remain in even, unbroken pieces. It’s little details like this that you don’t see very often anymore.

Vic's Hong Kong Style BBQ & Cafe on Urbanspoon


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