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Newcastle Pub – Weekly Specials


L doesn’t always like my taste in restaurants. Sometimes I have to compromise because the restaurant I picked is too far away, too frou-frou, or the wait time is too long. Thank goodness for Newcastle Pub. newcastle I like that Newcastle offers nightly specials. My favourite nights are Monday for burgers, Wednesday for wings, and Friday for fish and chips. This time around, we dropped by for 25 cent wings. My favourite of the evening was the Thai Chilli wings. These wings packed a nice combination of sweet and spicy. Despite the sticky sauce, the chicken remained crispy. Chili wings The garlic parmesean wings arrived with shaved cheese on top. The garlic was subtle. When I order an assortment of wings, I like to get a variety of wet (saucy) and dry (no sauce, only seasoning) wings. Next time I’ll order the salt and pepper wings, which I hear from my buddy GR are his favourite of the dry style. Garlic parmesean I accidentally ordered hot wings instead of medium hot. I pride myself on my spice tolerance, so I was surprised I could actually feel the heat. L normally can’t tolerate spice, but he devoured this batch. Turns out hot, not medium hot, is his favourite flavour. Hot wings L said we couldn’t just eat wings for dinner, and insisted on ordering fish tacos. Personally, I see nothing wrong with only consuming chicken skin, a little meat and beer for dinner. The fish was grilled, not deep fried. We both enjoyed the tacos, particularly the lightness of the grilled fish. tacos Newcastle Pub can get really busy on Fridays and Saturdays. However, in my dozen plus visits, service has always been pleasant and efficient. Fei Po gives Newcastle Pub two fat thumbs up.

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