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Regency Palace- Downtown Dim Sum

My buddy AC attends a lot of functions at Regency Palace. AC informed me that Regency Palace is one of the biggest restaurants in the city. The largest room holds 60 tables, so about 600 people.

AC and I dropped by for lunch. I took a peek at the buffet options and decided to opt for dim sum. Regency does it old school, servers drive their cart of delicacies around the room. Insert stereotypical joke about Asian drivers here (not).

sui gail

One of the best dishes I sampled was Sui Mui, a steamed pork and shrimp dumpling. The texture was spot on. The size of a golf ball, the dumpling was juicy and flavourful.
how gai
Unfortunately, I didn’t care for the How Gai, a shrimp ball steamed in a rice wrapper. The shrimp was half the size it should be and the wrapper was too big, gummy and tough.
AC told me to eat this dish, but wouldn’t tell me what it was. We fought back and forth, and it went something like this.

Me: “What is this?”
AC: “It’s good, try it.”
Me: “But what is it?”
AC: “Just try it. Surprise. Fall of the bone. So good.”
Me: (Growing more and more frustrated) “Yeah, but what is it? I want to know what it is before I eat it.”

Finally, AC told me its pork knuckle/feet or some joint in a sauce with peanuts. It taste better than it looks, it was soft and rich in flavour. He told me to suck on all the bones so that there are only little pieces of cartridge left over. I avoided eating the skin, as the sticky texture grossed me out.
shrimp warappaer
I liked the shrimp bean curd. The thin wrapper encasing the shrimp paste mixture was crispy.
I tried tripe for the first time. AC said that tripe is ideal in soup with noodles. The texture was chewy, soft and slightly sticky. The flavour was subtle and I liked it more than I thought I would.
rice wrapper
The shrimp rice roll was tasty. The noodle itself wasn’t gummy, but smooth and silky. The shrimp was plump and crunchy.
fish cake

Last up was a pan fried fish and shrimp cake. The texture of the dough was a bit like a Korean pancake. I liked the crunch of the shrimp and the flavour of the chives. AC didn’t care for it, but I gobbled it up.
Regency Palace is nice for a quick meal in the downtown core. If you are in a rush and don’t want to wait in line, Regency will do in a pinch.
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