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Lucky Place – Comfort Food

Except for Ho Won, Lucky Place is the only other old school restaurant in Chinatown that has not raised their prices. However, my buddy AC mentioned to me that Lucky closed for renovations. He predicts when they re-open, their prices will increase. AC is so value driven, he makes me look like Donald Trump. And you know, Fei Po ain’t no Trump.

AC ordered GR’s favourite dish – ho fun noodles with beef, Chinese greens and “gravy” ($9.99). AC prefers the sauce poured onto of the plain noodles instead of the standard pan fried style. Wow oh wow, I really dig the rich, smokey flavour in the sauce. The noodles are never mushy or sticky at Lucky Place, each noodle is separate and slippery.

beef how fun

AC always orders beef congee. The beef was tender and cut in nice bite size pieces. The congee was light, smooth and hot. I prefer the fish congee. The fish has a sublte flavour that just blends in with the rice.

My new favourite dish is one that I originally didn’t want AC to order. I don’t know the name of the dish, but it’s pretty much vermicelli noodles with chicken, onions and green peppers. The gravy is clear, and taste sweet and sour. AC told me that sour taste was from the pickled vegetables. I like the addition of the crunchy peppers and black beans.


I can’t wait for Lucky Place to reopen. Will a price increase of a dollar or so make me visit less frequently? Hell no. Prices already are the best in the city, ranging from $5.00 for congee to $9.95 for a lunch special.

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