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Hot Stone Rice Bowl Sushi & Roll

I’m surprised that I didn’t like Stone Rice Bowl Sushi and Roll as much other Urbanspoon bloggers. I’m not a fussy eater, but I am cheap. Perhaps I was just expecting more bang for my buck.
Rice Bowl Restaurant
The room is cute, full of coloured lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Service is polite and courteous. The menu was sticky.
Based on other reviews, I ordered the Lion King Roll ($13.99). The roll looked promising, with its array of fish, sauce and sparkle of tobiko. However, the fried salmon inside the roll was mostly grey and fishy tasting.

cream cheese roll

The Chicken Teriyaki Bowl ($9.99) was tasty. The chicken was tender and the rice was perfect, with just the right amount chew to it. I found the lettuce added a freshness to the dish.

chicken bowl
The Scallop Pizza ($7.99) was decent. Each of the four pieces had two small pieces of scallop. The rice was deep-fried, which I found oily and gummy. The tobiko wasn’t the freshest.
scallop pizza

The food is fine for Calgary, and a convenient spot for those living in the hood. Hot Stone Rice Bowl is obviously a popular spot with other customers, as the place was packed late on a Saturday afternoon. Fei Po gives Hot Stone Rice Bowl gives one skinny thumb up.

Hot Stone Rice Bowl on Urbanspoon


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