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Saltlik Saves the Day

I originally made reservations at Charcut for 9:00pm on a Saturday night. At 9:28pm, I was tired of waiting around by the door, so I asked if we could sit at the bar. If we were going to wait, we could at least have a drink. We sat at the bar only to realize it wouldn’t work, as my friend who was coming later has a hearing problem in one ear, meaning she wouldn’t be able to hear both of us sitting side by side with us at the bar. L and I took off and headed over to Saltlik.
It turned Saltlik was the better choice. The room is cozy yet sexy, outfitted with a fireplace and leather clad booths. The acoustics were better here too – there was a nice buzz of music and customers talking, but we could still have a quiet conversation. The wine selection and prices for all alcohol were more varied and less expensive than Charcut. Beers cost $6.00 and up, glasses of wine starting at $10.00 (and fresh glasses arrived with each new pour), and cocktails for $11.00. Saltlik also has a number of nice wines without a big mark up, with plenty under $60.00.
Cheese and meat platter
In terms of food, what we opted to munch on was delicious. The Meat and Cheese Platter ($17) was full of high quality goodies. The bread tasted homemade, chewy and soft despite being toasted, glistening with butter. Two cheeses, two meats, olives and candied pecans rounded out the platter.


Our lovely server, Victoria, looked after us well despite also manning the bar. She suggested I try the Calamari ($15.00) with a side of the homemade aioli. The squid was tender and tasted like it was marinated beforehand. The batter was snow white, covered with cooked red onions, and thin strands of green and red peppers. If it was cooked just a minute or two longer, the batter and squid would have been perfect. However, being slightly underdone was not a biggie for me, it still tasted good.

bread pudding

L opted for Bread Pudding. I didn’t taste any of it, but the presentation was nice. L enjoyed it though he wished the texture was more like a traditional bread pudding, which I’m guessing means more bread-like. However, that’s just a personal preference.


Fei Po gives Saltlick two fat thumbs up. I’m bringing my co-workers back for the ambience, cozy seating, and tasty appetizers. Oh, and of course, the great prices for alcoholic drinks is an incentive as well.

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