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Watercress Express Revisited – Fei Po Approved

*As of September 2015, Watercress Express has changed management and the Chef Lam Pham has left the company. The post below was when he was co-owner.

My meat hating friend Jaime wanted to try Watercress Express. I decided to join her in the spirit of all things vegetables. She and I shared the Kimchi Fried Rice ($11.00), the Tofu Salad Roll ($7.00) and I ordered one meatalious item just for me, the Lemongrass Chicken Sub ($7.50).

tofu salad roll

The tofu salad roll was a winner, a medley of contrasting textures and bright flavours. The tofu in the middle was crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. I could taste fresh basil leaves, the sour and heat from the dipping sauce, as well as the tartness of the orange mango sauce splayed underneath the roll.
Kimchi Rice
Next up was the kimchi fried rice. Wowzers. The seasoning in the kimchi made my mouth water. The texture of the cabbage was firm and not the least bit rubbery. I wonder if Watercress will sell me a jar of kimchi, so I can eat it at home. The rice was seasoned, spicy, and crispy but still moist from the egg yolk and hot sauce.

Chicken Sub
The chicken sub was a meal in itself. The bread was a delight to eat, light and chewy. Two juicy pieces of chicken thighs, with skinny strands of cucumber poking out. The sauce looked like mustard but tasted like like there was some hot sauce mixed in it. The juices and sauces came dripping down onto the plate. I didn’t eat the side of fried potatoes as I was stuffed.


Fei Po gives Watercress Express two fat thumbs up. Honestly, this restaurant is serving spectacular food at prices you would expect in Vancouver. Aside from Duncan Ly’s Raw Bar, I’ve never tasted such a refreshingly modern take on Vietnamese cuisine.

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