Delicious Country – Red Hot Chilli Fish Soup

AC introduced me to Delicious Country. Whenever the weather is cold, we feel like something spicy and soupy. Delicious Country specializes in northern dishes and serves a kick ass Chilli Fish Soup. You’ll find plenty of pickled vegetables, lamb, cumin, and noodle dishes, all made with plenty of heat to warm you up.
We always ordered Fish in Chilli Pepper Soup ($19.99), bowls of steam rice, and at our last visit, Cumin Lamb ($18.99).

spicy fish
The soup arrives very hot, a pot of red hot liquid. The white fillet of fish is soft and moist, breaking easily when you pick it up with chopsticks. AC likes to pour a little of the soup on top of his rice. I prefer to take a small piece of the fish and eat it with a scoop of plain rice. Besides the fish, there are lots of other goodies in the soup. Pieces of ginger, wedges of cucumber, green onions and two types of bean sprouts.
The lamb was delicious. Thin slices of lamb were stir fried with onions, flavoured with cumin and caraway seeds. The taste of this dish made up for the portion size, which was big enough for an appetite more delicate than mine.

Every time we’ve visited, there is only one server working, Cici. I admire how she can handle the entire room full of customers and still provide service with a smile. I wish I could do the same at work. Fei Po gives Delicious Country two fat thumbs up.

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