Maharajah East Indian Restaurant

Every Sunday night, we head over to my sister-in-law’s house for potluck and Walking Dead. She told me that night previous, her boyfriend’s brother threw a hissy fit while on the phone with the owner of Maharajah over the wait time for delivery. I asked how the food was and she responded that everyone loved the food, even the hissy fit thrower.

The next day I called at 4:00pm to ask if they could deliver at 6:00pm. The woman on the phone responded that it wouldn’t be an issue, and delivery from Discovery Ridge to Killarney would cost $6.00.

Exactly at 6:00pm, our food arrive, steaming hot in the paper bag. Based on previous Urbanspoon and Yelp reviews, we ordered Butter Chicken ($13.95), Lamb Biryani ($14.95) and two pieces of plain naan ($3.95).
The butter chicken consisted of big chunks of juicy white meat. The sauce was sweet, tangy with a strong taste of cilantro. The naan was soft and chewy. I would tear off a chunk of naan to wrap up pieces of the chicken.
butter chicken
I was surprised with the amount of lamb in the biryani. The rice was heavily seasoned with nice spicy notes. The yogurt helped diffuse the heat for my husband.
We ate more than we should and still had leftovers for L’s lunch. The food is really tasty and the portions are generous. Next time I order delivery, I want to try the Lamb Korma, Goa Fish Curry and Paneer Makani. Fei Po gives Maharaha two fat thumbs up.


Maharajah East Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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