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Stone Bowl Korean Cuisine

Stone Bowl Korean Cuisine is located by the City Hall C-Train stop, next to Tim Horton’s. Having eaten in and ordered takeout from Stone Bowl, my advice for heartier appetites is to eat at the restaurant. The portions for take-out are noticeably smaller.
My favourite dish is the Chicken Rice Hot Stone Bowl ($10.95). The chicken is juicy and cut into bite sized pieces. Besides the rice, there is a nice variety of vegetables, such as cooked spinach, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and crunchy beans. A runny egg tops this dish, which I mixed up with the rice so that it cooked in the bowl.

The owner came over to give our table a complimentary Korean pancake ($4.75). Man – this dish is worth ordering again. The savoury pancake was thin, the crispy exterior almost delicate.

My other co-workers ordered variations of the lunch special ($8.95), which included either beef, chicken or pork, a fried dumpling, rice, glass noodles and a salad. The salad is actually quite refreshing – the dressing tasted a bit like thousand island mayonnaise. If you have a lighter appetite, I would order the special.


Fei Po gives Korean Stone Bowl two fat thumbs up. The chefs cook with care and it shows in the flavour of the food. If they put a bit more in the take-out portions, Fei Po would roll herself over there for lunch more frequently.
Stone Bowl Korean Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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